Canada is easily accessible from the United States. Many people in the US do not need visas or are not required to obtain a temporary resident permit when traveling to Canada.

Whether one needs a visa or not depends on the immigration status of the person. U.S Citizens and lawful residents of the US, otherwise known as Green Card holders, can travel to Canada and stay for a period of up to 6 months without a visa.

Persons who wish to stay longer than 6 months can apply for an extension.

Despite not needing a visa or Pre-issued eTA, travelers must hold either a valid passport or a Green Card for examination at the point of entry.

If you have a criminal record, including alcohol-driving offenses, you may not be able to enter Canada until you apply to obtain approval for rehabilitation.

Tourists or other persons in the United States who are on visit visas or other visas other than holding a Green Card have to obtain a Canadian visa when traveling to Canada from the US.

Holders of US visas do not struggle in obtaining a Canadian visa. If you wish to visit Canada while on holiday in the US, you can put in your visa application and you stand a greater chance of having it approved.

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